According to rumors, Samsung Galaxy S8 will be released at the end of February. While Samsung hasn’t confirmed this, it’s consistent with their past reveals; the previous phones in the S series were unveiled at the Mobile World Congress. According to this trend, the Galaxy S8 should be revealed at the Mobile World Congress in the coming year.

Tweet rumors confirm the Galaxy S8 for next year

These speculations go against all the rumors that the Note 7 drama would lead to an early unveiling. The Smartphone Company has been dealing with recalls all week. This nightmare began in September, when the first Note 7 exploded. This embarrassment led them to pull all the units off their retail shelves, and give out replacements to their customers. But it didn’t end there. Now, even the replacement units have begun to explode leading the company to discontinue any and all Note 7 sale. According to the latest news, the company is working on the adjustments to the Note 7 production. The rumors regarding the release date were a result of a tweet from @Ricciolo1. While this mobile tipster has made accurate predictions in the past, you should still regard his statement as a rumor. These rumors are only growing, especially as Samsung has yet to give an official comment on the upcoming device.