PDF Manual Directory

We all need a little help sometimes. Maybe our kids are misbehaving, won’t listen to what we say and are doing more drugs than Amy Winehouse during an extended tour. Maybe the wife is nagging over that expensive sports car we bought. Heck, maybe the dog just won’t stop barking no matter no matter how many snacks we throw at it.

We can’t help with any of that. We aren’t life coaches. What we are, however, are gadget experts. If you have a gadget problem, you’ve arrived at the right place. Think of all your device issues as a long and tedious journey, and our site as the destination. Make no mistake about it: whichever gadget is giving you trouble and no matter how dire the situation looks, we’ve got a little something that’s going to make things easier.

That little something is, as you guessed, manuals. A user manual to a device is what a raft is to the shore. It’s what a bolt is to a screw. It’s…. well, you get us. We all know how appealing it is to grab that new gadget and go like, “C’mon, I can get this thing to work no problem!”
Soon enough, though, we realize things aren’t as black and white. They’re usually red, as you’ll get pretty angry pretty soon when trying to set your device up without referring to the manual. We know you like to do things your way, and we know you’re pretty smart. But even Stephen Hawking would have trouble figuring out how, say, a tri-band router from the future works without checking the instructions.
Although the great physicist is no longer with us, he would have definitely urged you to check the manual before operating a new device, as well as refer to it for troubleshooting before deciding to throw it in the bin.