Samsung Galaxy TabPro S is different from most of Samsung’s recent devices, yet it tries to accomplish the same thing: becoming a staple in a crowded market. We’re certainly glad to see Samsung thinking past its usual mold, but does the TabPro S live up to the expectations?

Is the Samsung Galaxy TabPro S the one tablet to rule them all?

Two things about the TabPro are bound to strike you as soon as you lay eyes on it: it’s large and it comes with an adequately-sized keyboard. When in use, the keyboard very much gives the tablet the appearance of a laptop, although it ends up being a lot more compact once you learn how to manage it.

The size isn’t there just for show: it allows for a massive (tablet-relative) 12-inch screen that features a resolution of 2160×1400, which is more than most tablets can dream of. The display is also very responsive and boasts bright, lively colors and pixel quality that brings out even the tiniest of details.

Things are impressive under the hood as well: 4GB of RAM and a 2.2GHz Intel quad-core processor should guarantee peak performance, although some users have reported less-than-stellar results when performing some of the more demanding tasks – whether this has more to do with the device’s hardware or its highly-advertised Windows 10 OS remains to be seen.

For around $900, there’s no question that the TabPro S lands in the high-end category of tablets – with its massive yet detailed display, reasonable performance and a manageable keyboard, the price might very well be justified.