Manufacturers are wasting no time making hub devices for smart homes, even if such homes aren’t exactly widespread and even if most smart homes only connect a couple of appliances. Samsung SmartThings Smart Home Hub is another in a line of similar-looking devices that offer similar things – does it stand out from other smart hub devices in a positive way?

The design and the wide range of compatible devices are its strongest perks

In case you hadn’t noticed, every Samsung device going back as far as we can remember looks exactly the same. Good if you’d like an all-white home design, not as good if you’re going with something more colorful. In terms of what’s under the hood, the Samsung Smart Home Hub offers the same as most other devices of the kind – connectivity with any device that comes with the “smart” tag and an easy-to-use interface that lets you control your entire home from your smartphone.

Yet this, like the other SmartThings devices, doesn’t come without its share of issues. Many users complain that the software is too unresponsive and that the device often doesn’t do what it’s supposed to, with some also finding issues with the detection of various smart devices around your home.

The Samsung SmartThings Smart Home Hub price of $100 on Amazon makes this device more expensive than a lot of its competitors, meaning it can’t afford to mess up as often as it seems to. As it stands now, you might want to get it in case you’re using various SmartThings appliances, but in other scenarios you might want to look elsewhere.