There’s no question that the Sony PSH-X500 aims to become every audiophile’s best friend. Anyone who’s ever met such a person knows that they consider vinyl recordings to be far and above any digital media you can find and will insist on playing vinyl whenever possible.

And while many dismiss this notion and are content to play their music on any old device, true audiophiles go to great lengths to reproduce the music on their vinyl recordings in its original form. Some make the sacrifice of using a clunky phonograph that requires a lot of attention – others opt for a more modern solution in the form of a turntable.

What the PSH-X500 brings to the (turn)table

The Sony PSH-X500, like most turntables, comes with a set of fairly impressive features that try to justify the high price compared to other playback devices. Most important of all is the sound quality, which is satisfactory and shouldn’t bother you unless you’re used to the highest-end turntables available – the sound is crisp and attentive of the nuances that digital recordings often miss. As modern as it is, the design still comes off as middling – the device is certainly attractive compared to an old phonograph, but many new turntables have the PSH-X500 beat in terms of looks.

The most remarkable feature, however, is the option of converting your favorite vinyl recordings into digital versions without much loss of sound quality. For the convenience this brings alone, the PSH-X500 is worth considering as an entry-level device of this type. And that’s exactly what it is: while the price of almost $500 hardly makes it a budget device, higher-end models can often cost several times more, making the PSH-X500 an ideal first turntable to own.