Ever feel like the various electronics in your home are starting to have more say than they should? The iDevices Switch looks to rid you of your troubles in no time. With this device, you’ll be able to control virtually every piece of technology that requires an outlet through your smartphone, and you’ll have a fun time doing it.

The iDevices Switch offers impressive options for a low price, and it won’t even try to force you to use Apple devices

Without question, what allows the iDevices Switch to stand out from its competition is ease of use. The trouble with adding smart connectivity to our homes is that installing even a single device can be a hassle – not the case here, as a simple plug and scan of the code is all you’ll need to get started.

Despite what the name might suggest, iDevices’ gizmo works with various electronics and you’ll hardly feel cut out no matter the brand of device you’re using. And its versatility doesn’t stop there – from controlling lights to limiting the charging of a device, iDevices Switch allows you full control over the use of energy in your home no matter where you are.

The app is simple and intuitive, and the iDevices Switch price on Amazon is equally attractive. The initial price of $42 was already enough to lure you in, but the device is now down to $30, making it a great entry into smart home devices without the drawbacks of having to spend too much or do too much to get there.

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