Earlier this week, Tesla announced that all of their vehicles will now feature the equipment necessary for self-driving. It’s interesting to think about: even the Sci-Fi movies with flying cars still didn’t show them as being self-driven. Is this a testament to our technological advancements, or something more sinister?

Obviously, Tesla faces quite a few roadblocks (no pun intended) on their way to achieving the self-driving goal. For starters, many states in the U.S. – let alone non-U.S. countries – are wary of these types of vehicles and likely won’t allow them without a fight. Indeed, Tesla’s first battle might be actually getting the permission to put their babies on the road. Furthermore, the technology in question is still highly experimental (read: nobody knows if it will work like it should). That’s part of the reason why other companies are taking their time with automated cars while Tesla is rushing things – they don’t want to bring forth a revolution on poor foundations.

Lastly, we come back to the ‘sinister’ bit. Much has been said about the dumbing down of consumer culture and the latest Tesla advancement seems to be as guilty of this as anything – it’s like they’re saying we can’t handle driving our own cars! Maybe that’s too negative and the self-driving Tesla will end up being hugely beneficial, but still – even in year 2055, when we’re all living inside a Fifth Element set, some people will still dislike the notion of their car driving them around. Just try to remember the movie iRobot and the scene with Will Smith and his self driving Audi RSQ – enough said.