The transportation industry has seen countless innovations over the years. These have mostly been limited to motor cars and airplanes. However, the Trefecta DRT E-bike seeks to change that and aims to revolutionize the practice of bicycling. It’s bold design and immense power is bound to attract bike enthusiasts.

The Trefecta DRT E-bike is one of the most expensive E-bikes on the market

The creation of a team of Dutch, Swiss and German auto technicians, the DRT E-bike is an electric bike that has been designed for military use. It is a road and dirt bike combined. It has many unprecedented features that give it an edge over its rivalsThe frame of the bike has been built from aluminum used for aircrafts. The design of the frame itself does not follow the traditional skeletal approach but appears to be quite chunky, solid and box-like. The bike structure also includes carbon-fiber wheels and tires resembling those of many mountain bikes. The bike is also capable of generating 4Kw of power that gives a top speed of 70km/h.

The Trefecta DRT E-bike has an iOS app that can be linked to the bike through Wi-Fi. This app, which has been designed specifically for this bike, helps control the suspension, torque and power-efficiency ratios, as well as the climbing angle for rides on mountainous regions. Other settings like the speed, range, mode, gear etc. can also be seen through it.

All in all, the bike has a strong-built, packs great power and offers all the tech support any biker could dream of. This makes the Trefecta DRT E-bike perfect for tech-savvy adventurers who prefer bikes over other modes of transport, the only problem is that it costs a whooping $25.000…

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