For many years, the iPhone was the benchmark of the phone market. Most Android OEMs seemed to imitate Apple in design and UI. It is, however, interesting to note that nearly all Android OEMs have research teams, which are pushing the innovation button further. The latest iPhone (iPhone 11 PRO), for example, is not the most innovative phone in terms of cameras. Android flagships such as OnePlus 7T and Mate 20 Pro were first to explore the world of multiple cameras. According to the FCC listings on design and ZTE user manual, ZTE Blade 20 also has an incredible square camera module.

Reasons why ZTE Blade 20 is the specs king

The FCC listing portrays the ZTE flagship as the next specs king. Although the listing is unclear about the front design, chances that the phone has a notch are high. The ZTE’s most innovative piece of design in this flagship is the presence of a square-shaped camera module. The module, just like other flagships, has three primary camera sensors. Another notable feature on ZTE Blade 20 is the fast rear fingerprint sensor, which means that the phone does not have an on-screen fingerprint sensor. The ZTE flagship, however, uses USB-C, and more importantly, it is one of the few flagships with a 3.5mm headphone jack.

ZTE Blade 20 battery and fast charge features

Over the years, Android OEMs and Apple have invested a lot of resources on the phone battery. It is correct to state that ZTE flagship is the new king of phone batteries, overpowering the iPhone 11 PRO. The massive 5000mAh battery is not only a perfect way of making the phone the ultimate daily driver for most people but also replacing power banks. In addition to the massive battery, ZTE has also added fast-charge capabilities (18W fast charge) on the ZTE Blade 20. Under these features, you can now charge and use your phone for more than 24 hours, regardless of whether you are a heavy user or not.

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